Summer London Experience - Скидка
Летняя школа для подростков 13-17 лет на кампусе университета Вестминстера в центральном Лондоне.
При бронировании до 29 февраля действует скидка 15%. Стоимсть 1 недели со скидкой - £1063


Учеба в Италии, бакалавриат со стипендией
Стоимость года обучения от EUR5000. Учеба на английском языке.


Подпишитесь на новости
Майя, Курсы для учителей

Libra is the agency which does its best to make your wishes come true. The Teacher Training courses taken at Edinburgh University of Applied Linguistics made me understand that it is essential for a teacher to enhance qualification in Britain. Excellent atmosphere, superb trainers and picturesque nature of Scotland make it the right place to feel the whole country, its customs and hospitality. It’s a unique opportunity to share your professional experience with International English Teachers and discuss lots of problematic issues with them, which helps to  achieve better results when working with students in Georgia. 

There is so much to say. It is impossible to express my feelings in a short way. I feel happy every time I remember the days I spent in Edinburgh. 

IALS building at Hill Place
Здание Института. Edinburgh, Hill Place.